About Us

About Us

Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) is a leading grass roots organization which seeks to obtain the pleasure of God through submitting to Him and His commands. ICNA has many projects, programs, and activities which helps an individual to build his character and personality so as to build a society based on morality and God-consciousness.

Goals and objectives

  • To enhance understanding of Islam, clear misconceptions people have about Islam, encourage dialogue, empower American Muslims, and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding
  • To offer educational and training opportunities to enhance character, develop skills and shape personalities so as to contribute to a healthy and productive society
  • To oppose immorality and oppression in all forms, and support efforts for civil liberties and socio-economic justice in the society
  • To strengthen the bond of humanity by serving all those in need anywhere in the world, with special focus on our neighborhood across North America
  • To cooperate with and support other organizations for the implementation of this program

Core principles

  • We are committed to bring man closer to God, his Creator and Sustainer and thus, to build stronger communities based on common ties
  • We strongly believe that all people are created equal and when given the tools, will thrive and bring about change in their own lives and lives of their communities
  • We dedicate ourselves to serve humanity and to address the basic human and social service needs of the underserved communities within the United States
  • We believe that the active practice of Islam strengthens the social and religious fabric of our nation
  • We condemn all acts of violence against civilians by any individual, group or state
  • We advocate dialogue between faith communities both in America and worldwide
  • We support equal and complementary rights and responsibilities for men and women


  • ICNA Relief
  • WhyIslam
  • Young Muslims

ICNA Relief

ICNA Relief responds to domestic natural disasters by providing relief to the affected areas and has been recognized by FEMA, VOAD, and have been funded by the Red Cross and the September 11th Fund.

ICNA Relief was one of the first relief organizations on ground for the Katrina, Gustav and Ike hurricane disasters.

Emphasizing the protection and maintenance of women, we respond to the needs of women – who are either homeless or at risk of becoming homeless – through a broad based approach to enhance family self-sufficiency and emotional wellness, we deliver a variety of services to our most vulnerable members of the community.

Since its inception ICNA Relief  has served more than 5,000 families and individuals by providing food vouchers, temporary shelter, a mobile kitchen, domestic violence counseling & workshops, and eviction prevention. We also collaborate with other social services agencies to raise awareness on various health issues, including TB, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, HIV / AIDS and many more

To create awareness and educate the Muslim community about family issues in America, we provide pre-marriage and marital counseling by religious and professional counselors, represent the Muslim community regarding Islamic and family related issues in the Family Courts and assist in foster parent services and financial support to the needy.


Post-911 has seen a drastic rise in Islamophobia and stereotyping of Muslims as terrorists and war-mongers. Most of the general public think and believe that Islam promotes violence and inequality of gender without knowing about it. The WhyIslam project was initiated to remove these misconceptions and promote a true and fair understanding of Islam, and to educate the general public about Islam to bring about a social and communal harmony. We believe that the reason for discord is the ignorance people have about Islam and its teachings. WhyIslam neither seeks to proselytize nor is associated with a religious or missionary institue.

As part of the project ICNA volunteers organize booths at shopping malls, fairs, flea markets, festivals, farmers’ markets; radio, bus and subway ad campaigns and hosting of billboards, among other activities, to create awareness, understanding and tolerance for Islam.

Young Muslims

Our youth – our future – are often the target of drug, sexual and mental abuse which is a great hindrance for the well-being of our society. Young Muslims actively works in this area to protect our youth from falling prey to any of the vices and endeavors to preserve their physical, intellectual and spiritual capabilities through youth development programs and projects.