ICNA Relief

ICNA Relief


ICNA Relief responds to domestic natural disasters by providing relief to the affected areas and has been recognized by FEMA, VOAD, and have been funded by the Red Cross and the September 11th Fund.

ICNA Relief was one of the first relief organizations on ground for the Katrina, Gustav and Ike hurricane disasters.

Emphasizing the protection and maintenance of women, we respond to the needs of women – who are either homeless or at risk of becoming homeless – through a broad based approach to enhance family self-sufficiency and emotional wellness, we deliver a variety of services to our most vulnerable members of the community.

Since its inception ICNA Relief has served more than 5,000 families and individuals by providing food vouchers, temporary shelter, a mobile kitchen, domestic violence counseling & workshops, and eviction prevention. We also collaborate with other social services agencies to raise awareness on various health issues, including TB, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, HIV / AIDS and many more.

To create awareness and educate the Muslim community about family issues in America, we provide pre-marriage and marital counseling by religious and professional counselors, represent the Muslim community regarding Islamic and family related issues in the Family Courts and assist in foster parent services and financial support to the needy.

Mobile Soup Kitchen

In 2011, with help from God, the local chapter of ICNA Relief introduce it’s second Mercy on Wheels (Mobile Soup Kitchen) truck to serve at more locations. We have increased our Feed The Hungry pro
gram from once a month to twice a month. Since it’s inception three years ago, ICNA Relief has

provided hot meals, hygiene kits and warm clothes to many needy and homeless people in the Bay Area.

The Mercy on Wheels truck is built in a converted mail-delivery truck, and fully certified by CA Dept of Health for food distribution. It will go from place to place, accessing the areas where the need for a warm, nourishing

meal is the most. Mercy on Wheels is parked in the parking lots of various Bay Area mosques to familiarize the Muslim community about the project.

While you see the regular food trucks parked at many places, we believe this is a unique undertaking by any organization. The food will be taken to where the homeless folks gather, rather than making a brick-and-mortar soup kitchen and expecting people to show up – thereby reducing the reach.

Please stop by the Mobile Soup Kitchen parked outside, have a close look at it – as it will be our messenger of goodwill for quite some time to come – and donate generously if you feel this is a kind of activity worth spending on.

Monthly Feed the Hungry and Abraham’s Day

With the additional Mobile Soup Kitchen, God willing we plan to increase the monthly feed the hungry at several places in the Bay Area.

ICNA Relief has been arranging monthly Feed-the-Hungry events for over three years, regularly distributing around 200-500 meals at various locations in the Bay Area – with San Francisco and Oakland being the regular recipients. As part of Eid-ul- Adha celebrations, to share God’s bounties with the community at large, we celebrate Abraham’s Day where over a thousand meals are distributed at half a dozen locations in the Bay Area.

Needy Family Help

ICNA Relief continues to help local needy families with its limited resources. ICNA Relief gets requests for small-scale help mostly from single sisters with family. The requests are carefully evaluated via personal contacts and the references verified. Then a determination is made about the size and duration of the financial help. We are always looking for more help – both financial and volunteers to help investigate the cases.

Janazah Fund

Whenever ICNA Relief gets a request for a janazah help, the volunteers spring into action. This is a job that needs careful investigation but at the same time is time critical. By the help of God, ICNA Relief has been able to help several needy families in this time of crisis to bury their loved ones in a proper Islamic manner.